​Disruptive technologies are the largest drivers of change in business today. In fact, technology is shifting so fast that organizations such as Samsung, Ford, and NATO are enlisting science fiction writers to help them visualize the future and consider opportunities for innovation.

Meanwhile, the combination of connected sensors, massive data gathering, and machine learning is driving unprecedented changes at home and work, with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Nest becoming standard fixtures. In addition, robots are maturing in both their accuracy and their interactions with humans, creating new applications from remote surgery to autonomous aircraft navigation.

Technological disruption is affecting all corners of business, and finance is no exception. Indeed, extreme automation—the confluence of cloud applications, blockchain, cognitive automation, natural language processing, and more—is expected to create an all-new operating model. It is expected to empower finance to deliver more value with less effort, respond quickly to the needs of the business, and truly shift from traditional processing to strategic partnering.

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