Ideally, wealth brings you freedom, but many families find that wealth adds complexity and even stress. Finding the right trusted advisors, who place your family's best interest first, can be challenging.

KPMG Family Office provides independent analysis and objective advice. We are a fee-for-service offering and reject all forms of commission or investment trailers. We are a product-free, multi-family office focused on you.

From personal financial planning, to redeployment of capital, to new operating companies, we provide a wealth strategy that takes all factors into consideration.

  • Comprehensive wealth analysis and strategy development
  • Risk assessments at various levels of the family wealth
  • Integrated asset allocation assessments
  • Cash flow projections and management
  • Investment management consolidated reporting
  • Buy-side strategy and implementation
  • Alternative asset selection services
  • Asset manager tracking and evaluation
  • Additional services customized per family

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