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KPMG Ignition

KPMG Ignition

The future belongs to innovators.

Become future-ready at KPMG Ignition, where our multi-disciplinary teams transform organizations. We harness exponential technologies, design thinking methodologies, and business model innovations to unravel core business challenges and seize opportunities in an era of rapid and disruptive change.

Combining decades of industry experience, we tackle the end-to-end innovation journey. From envisioning to strategy and embedding enterprise-wide solutions, we:

  • Educate together with our clients and ecosystem partners in areas of emerging technologies, business model innovations, and digital transformation.
  • Ideate solutions to core business challenges by using design thinking and a business-first, human-centered approach to overcome complex problems and uncover opportunities.
  • Create technology, customer, and business model solutions to address disruptive forces, match organizational goals and accelerate digital transformation – from the whiteboard to the shop floor.

To ignite innovation is to challenge conventions, test-drive technologies, and prototype solutions. That's why we've gathered leaders, creators and changemakers under one roof to unearth breakthrough opportunities and help tackle the most complex challenges and disruption. - Walter Pela, Regional Managing Partner

A space to transform

KPMG Ignition Centre is Vancouver's premier hub for business growth and innovation. Here, organizations have access to global thought leaders, design thinking and problem-solving methodologies, data analytics tools, and digital transformation services across multiple collaborative spaces.

The Innovation Lab

At the Innovation Lab, KPMG works shoulder-to-shoulder with organizations to design breakthrough ideas, overcome growth obstacles, and develop future strategic roadmaps. Through interactive workshops and envisioning sessions, we tackle the challenges and opportunities relating to emerging technologies, evolving demographics, global competition, business model innovation, and other disruptive forces.

The Insights Centre

Equipped with leading data analytics and exploration tools, the Insights Centre allows clients to visualize and interact with data in ways they've yet to imagine. Our immersive sessions and facilitated workshops introduce clients to novel data mining and analytic techniques that transform information into insights to unlock enterprise value.

Collaboration Zones

These project-focused workspaces unite business specialists, industry professionals, developers, creators, and tech specialists to design ambitious solutions to today's core challenges and opportunities. By introducing organizations to exponential technologies and business model innovations, we help facilitate creative, tech-driven, and human-centered business solutions.

Make the connection

Discover how the Vancouver Ignition Centre can transform your business. Contact the centre, or reach out directly to our team:

Aranka Anema
Director, Exponential Innovation

Walter Pela
Regional Managing Partner

Let's do this.