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A Canadian Snapshot of KPMG’s PropTech Survey

A Canadian Snapshot of KPMG’s PropTech Survey

There are several reasons why Canadian leaders may be cautious about today’s PropTech tools.

Lorne Burns

National Industry Leader, Building, Construction & Real Estate

KPMG in Canada


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A Canadian Snapshot of KPMG’s PropTech Survey

It can be difficult to measure the pulse of PropTech in an industry where the potential impact is massive yet the technology is really just now emerging. Nevertheless, KPMG International’s 2018 PropTech Survey reveals several emerging trends and perspectives that offer a glimpse of how Canada’s real estate leaders are responding to the industry innovations around them.

About KPMG's latest PropTech Survey:

The second annual Global PropTech Survey monitors the pace of change in the industry and helps organizations to benchmark progress against their peers.

Download the PDF to learn more about our Canadian viewpoint.

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