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Customer trends around the globe

Country specific findings

Country specific findings

In this year's Me, my life, my wallet report, KPMG International surveyed nearly 25,000 respondents across eight countries. Below are some featured customer insights discovered in each of these markets.


American customers increasingly see spending as an expression of their opinion, further complicating a vast, diverse market. Yet they are receptive to companies who deliver meaningful customer experiences.


British customers have embraced digital technology – especially e-commerce – but, uncertain about a post-Brexit future and anxious about the present, they are increasingly worried about trust and privacy.


Some Chinese customers are looking to trade up, while others are trading down as they hunt for bargains. Yet both groups are looking to technology to help them manage their time and their budget.


Technology is revolutionizing shopping for many Indian customers in the smaller cities and rural areas, yet as their choice widens, they are becoming less forgiving of companies that don't deliver on their promise.


Experienced in e-commerce, French customers look to social media to influence their purchases and want their online life to feel personal, not corporate.


After a deep recession, and a weak recovery, Brazilian customers are ready to embrace the benefits of the digital world, even though their trust in public and private institutions is low.


UAE customers have high disposable incomes, are enthusiastic about digital innovations, are familiar with digital public services, and are likely to drive rapid growth in e-commerce.


Generational differences are not as profound in Canada where customers of all ages see wealth as helping them to enjoy the real-world experiences they desire and are discomfited by the idea of sharing their data.

Looking for more insights on how customers from around the world compare? Read the full global report.

*All statistics quoted are from 2018 Me, my life, my wallet survey results.

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