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Celebrating Auditor Proud Day

Celebrating #AuditorProud Day

KPMG is joining the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) for the fourth annual #AuditorProud social media blitz to celebrate auditors and the accounting profession, and encourage students and others to learn more about what a career in auditing can offer.

See what KPMG audit professionals have to say about being #AuditorProud and #KPMGProud.

"I can honestly say that there are so many reasons why I am AuditorProud. With this career there is never a dull moment. Each day is dynamic and interesting and over the years I can't say that I've had two days that have been the same."

Ashley Chapman, Audit Senior Manager, Moncton

"I am truly excited to work with smart and enthusiastic professionals as well as having diverse and dynamic work experiences every single day. At KPMG we take pride in the higher purpose behind the work that we do. We strongly differentiate ourselves through innovation and business disruption. We take action on KPMG's core values and inspire the next generation leaders."

Loredana Kamil, Audit Senior Manager, Calgary

"When you are surrounded by an amazing team and a country of professionals that are dedicated to both their engagement teams and their clients, what's not to love about what I do?"

Jennifer Meyerhoffer, Senior Manager, Department of Professional Practice, Toronto

For more information on what a career in audit can offer, please visit kpmg.ca/careers