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Fairness Opinions

KPMG's Valuation team provides independent advice to shareholders, the board or the company on the fairness of the price and terms of a transaction, as required by regulatory authorities. Our experience includes public takeover bids, de-mergers, squeeze-outs and related-party transactions.

Financial Reporting Valuation

Part of valuations for financial reporting purposes is determining the value of identifiable acquired intangible assets, such as trademarks, brands, technology and customer relationships. KPMG's Valuation team also undertakes annual goodwill and intangible asset impairment reviews under Canadian GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS or other accounting standards, and, after a large acquisition, our team can assist in allocating a purchase price to individual legal entities in compliance with financial reporting and tax regulations.

Independent Board Advice

One of the core services KPMG can offer a board of directors is independent, objective advice to help determine the right price for a business or assist with various financial analyses to support a board's decision-making process.

Tax Planning Support

KPMG's Valuation team can identify and help support arm's-length value analyses for tax planning purposes and can provide independent advice for tax compliance purposes.

  • Analysis and Valuation of Fixed Income: KPMG's Valuation team has significant experience with the assessment of risk and returns in the credit markets. Our understanding of fixed income securities, including convertible debentures, high-yield bonds, leveraged loans and other fixed stream obligations allows us to assist clients with structuring debt agreements, assessing debt capacity and estimating commercial rates of return.
  • Finance Support: Valuation advice may be required when raising equity or debt financing, including determining the value of equity to be issued to the new partners or shareholders of an entity, or the valuation and equity splits at formation.
  • Litigation Support: Supporting litigation, arbitration or mediation proceedings, particularly expert witness and adjudication work in valuation disputes.
  • Machinery & Equipment Appraisal: Appraisal of machinery and equipment for numerous purposes, including financial reporting, purchase price allocations, insurance and other purposes.
  • Pension Funds and Investment Company Support: Establishing the value of unquoted investment portfolios can help pension funds and other investment funds in their strategic investment decisions or financial reporting mark-to-market requirements. KPMG's Valuation team provides independent valuations or valuation reviews for pension fund and private equity houses.
  • Valuation of Derivatives: KPMG's Valuation team has significant experience with the valuation of various derivatives, including commodity-, equity- and credit-based derivatives. This experience includes the valuation of complex instruments, including hybrid fixed-income and equity-linked securities (for example, mortgage-backed securities, structured notes and equity-linked notes). Our professionals also assist with the valuation of stock-based compensation through the use of various option pricing models.

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