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REACTION Magazine: 26th Edition

REACTION Magazine: 26th Edition

Growth continues to be strong across most market segments and geographies; and the seeming never-ending wave of M&A continues at pace.

Tammy L. Brown

National Industry Leader, Industrial Markets

KPMG in Canada


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REACTION Magazine: 26th Edition

In this edition, KPMG chemicals professionals are focusing on Mobility 2030 and how changing demand patterns in the automotive industry are likely to drive fundamental change into the chemicals supply chain over the coming years. We've also got an update on Brexit — while the politics remain unclear, the likely impact on the chemical industry is all too apparent and most companies are now well under way with impact assessments and contingency planning. Finally, KPMG professionals in Japan offer an outlook for the industry there and draw some interesting parallels with the restructuring and reshaping undertaken by the chemical industry in Europe over the last 20 years.

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