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Foresight: Minding the forest

Minding the forest

Looking beyond physical infrastructure to drive asset management alignment, organizational enablement and sustainable business change.

Ross Homeniuk

Partner, Advisory, National Leader, Infrastructure Asset & Operations Management

KPMG in Canada


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Minding the forest

The call is out for Canadian municipalities to take better stock of their infrastructure assets and improve the quality and effectiveness of the services they support. This growing attention on infrastructure issues in Canada has resulted in the release of a flood of new guidance and support materials aimed at improving the management of municipal infrastructure.

Yet as municipalities work to revisit their approach to asset management, many get caught up in technical and operational details and fail to appreciate the broader business and organizational changes that will be needed to create sustainable long-term value for their communities. Operationalizing and integrating good practices into the day-to- day workings of municipal government is challenging and requires us to look beyond individual assets, at the bigger strategic issues facing our organizations.

In this Canadian edition of Foresight, we discuss how to get started with an asset management plan that works.

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