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GPs — New GST/HST Rules on Management Services

GPs — New GST/HST Rules on Management Services

Certain general partners (GPs) may have GST/HST liabilities for past management services.


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This results from the release of a new CRA bulletin on the proposed GST/HST changes announced on September 8, 2017. While many GPs of investment limited partnerships (ILPs) will already be affected by the proposed GST/HST changes, some GPs may also be affected by comments in CRA’s new guidance on how the existing law applies for earlier reporting periods (i.e. pre-September 8, 2017). The new administrative guidance provides details on how the proposed rules apply as of September 8, 2017 and also comments on how the existing GST/HST law applied to management or administrative services provided by a GP to an ILP before the September 8, 2017 changes.

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