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Global Female Leaders Outlook 2018 – Canadian Trends

Global Female Leaders Outlook 2018 – Canadian Trends

Insights from Pamela Jeffery, Partner and National Lead, Inclusion and Diversity Strategy Group KPMG in Canada


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For the first time on a global basis, female leaders were given a voice through KPMG's Global Female Leaders Outlook (GFLO). Among the female leaders surveyed, we had 44 Canadian respondents representing female leaders at all levels – from board members to business unit and functional leads. Although our sample size is small, there were a number of trends that set Canadian female leaders apart from our global counterparts. Here are some of my takeaways from the Canadian results:

Key findings:

  • Canadian female leaders are more optimistic and confident in the growth prospects for their company and Canada as a whole, in comparison to their global counterparts 
  • A great number of Canadian female leaders believe that emerging and disruptive technology risk is the biggest threat to their company's growth
  • The majority of Canadian female leaders see a strong cyber risk strategy as critical to engendering trust with key stakeholders 
  • 52% of Canadian female leaders consider cyber security specialists as highly important in supporting their organization's future growth plans 
  • Only 11% of Canadian female leaders believe that their evolving workforce experts (i.e. workforce learning, talent management, leadership development) are highly effective, versus 47% of global female leaders
  • Canadian female leaders are more likely to work for organizations that are aggressively hiring new skills, regardless of future growth targets
  • Strong communication skills, active personal networks and the courage to make unpopular decisions are what Canadian female leaders rank as the most crucial attributes to their personal success
  • Canadian female leaders are 51% more likely than their global counterparts to move outside their current company for their next career move.

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