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Introduction - before we begin the tax transformation

Introduction - before we begin

Introduction – before we begin

Helping to understand the problem

Of course, every organization is different and the problems you may be trying to solve through technology will have elements that are specific to your organization. However, there are many recurring themes that KPMG professionals hear when speaking with tax leaders around the world. Consider the following examples:

Helping to understand the problem

These themes highlight the problems most organizations encounter, and suggest why many turn to technology solutions to help address inefficiencies in current systems and/or processes, to ensure greater accuracy or insights, or to mitigate potential risks. Knowing the problem you are trying to solve by technology is a critical first step in the journey. To use an analogy, if a person wants to avoid unnecessary spending, they may prefer to write a shopping list before entering the store. The same is true with technology. Knowing what your problem is before you embark on your journey helps you map the right path to get there.

To explore each of these further read the full report: Transforming the tax function through technology.