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Venture Pulse: Q1’18 Global analysis of venture funding

Venture Pulse: Q1’18 Report

Quarterly global report on VC trends published by KPMG Enterprise


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VC trends

Q1'18 got off to a strong start, with five $1 billion+ mega-rounds, including two massive deals in Southeast Asia. The U.S. continued to be the dominant market for VC investment, although investors have expanded beyond Silicon Valley to identify investment opportunities. Globally, investors have also diversified, making investments in a broader range of locations than ever before.

In this quarter's edition of the Venture Pulse Report, we examine Q1'18 VC market trends, including:

  • The diversification of VC investments, both within the U.S. and globally.
  • The increasing excitement around the applicability of AI in healthcare.
  • The potential implications associated with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).
  • The longevity of ride-sharing as an investment sector and whether it is reaching its peak.

Venture financing in Canada

Solid start for 2018 VC market in Canada

The Canadian entrepreneurial scene continues to attract a steady flow of VC investment. Total VC raised in Canada during the first quarter of 2018 climbed higher due to a large raise by a biofuels producer, and seven other financings of Canadian companies each exceeding $20 million.

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