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Take the complexity out of relationship management

Take the complexity out of relationship management

KPMG and Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc.


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Multi-stakeholder projects such as capital acquisitions, infrastructure development, and business transformations require significant collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork between the public and private sector. These projects create a challenging landscape that is often very difficult for public and private sector executives, relationship managers, business development executives, and procurement officers to navigate. Operating in this type environment requires flexible contractual frameworks, exceptional stakeholder and relationship management to successfully deliver on project timelines and contract obligations.

To better equip relationship managers, advisors, and executives, KPMG and Strategic Relationships Solutions (SRS) Inc. have joined forces to create the Centre for Strategic Relationships. This Centre is dedicated to providing training, advisory services, and thought leadership for relationship management, relational contracting, and collaborative working.

The Centre for Strategic Relationships uses The Relational Business Model™, which incorporates relational contracting, relationship management and collaborative working into a cohesive operational framework to achieve optimum "relationship" performance.

  • Relational Contracting recognizes that an agreement will be influenced and affected by the relationship of the parties over time, allowing for flexibility and adaptability. 
  • Relationship Management: Expands communication channels from one-to-one conversations to a system of coordinated interactions facilitating effective vertical and horizontal communications, ongoing alignment, joint decision making, performance and risk management, and problem identification and management 
  • Collaborative Working: Having the systems, disciplines, and competencies needed to facilitate collaboration and working in teams.

To learn how the Centre for Strategic Relationships can make a difference for your organization, download the PDF or contact Jean-François Séguin and Andy Akrouche.​

For full details about our 3-day flagship training program and course registration, please visit

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