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Homelessness in Canada - Why it’s time to listen

Homelessness in Canada

Street homelessness tends to attract political attention as a visible symptom of a major social issue, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Martin Joyce

Partner, National Human & Social Services Leader

KPMG in Canada


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homeless person pushing trolley

Homelessness isn't only about finding a place to stay

While physical housing needs to be part of the solution to homelessness, providing more housing in and of itself will not solve homelessness.

For this reason, the most recent approaches involve integrated housing and non-housing supports. The housing supports provided may include a subsidized house or support to overcome market barriers, such as through head-leased properties, time-limited rental subsidies or help to find a shared house.

The social services system is, generally, poorly positioned to understand need at a client level and provide integrated, tailored support. Clients with complex needs, including homelessness, can struggle to get the help they need to overcome move towards independence. In particular, homelessness responses are not homogenous due to the complex issues and different impacts on population groups, such as indigenous groups.

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