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Five partnering tips to deliver more affordable housing in Canada

5 partnering tips for affordable housing

The central feature of the National Housing Co-Investment Fund is the need for partnership

Martin Joyce

Partner, National Human & Social Services Leader

KPMG in Canada


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One of the biggest opportunities for housing providers in the Strategy is the National Housing Co-Investment Fund – a $4.7 billion contribution by the Federal Government with the aim of creating 60,000 new units of housing across Canada.

The central feature of this Fund is the need for partnerships. And while the Strategy notes that Federal funding must be supplemented with investments from another order by Government, it doesn't provide any further guidance to the reader.

With this in mind, it's time to be innovate. Let's try to leverage more from the Fund by bringing different parties together – one of the global directions in the provision of human and social services – with new contracting and partnership arrangements that do away with program, sector, system, and business boundaries.

While most organizations know their sector pretty well, often new opportunities, such as the co-investment fund, require new participants to be involved, and existing relationships and partnerships will need to be re-evaluated.

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