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ConsumerCurrents 23

ConsumerCurrents 23

Issues driving consumer organizations

kostya polyakov

Partner, National Industry Leader, Consumer & Retail

KPMG in Canada


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ConsumerCurrents is published semi-annually for senior executives at the world’s leading consumer and retail brands. In each edition, the latest industry issues, global trends and business strategies come under the scrutiny of KPMG's industry professionals.

In this issue:

  • The power of touch: Shoppers are more likely to purchase a product they've held in their hands
  • Metro: Metro CEO, Olaf Koch, on how local decision making drives the company forward
  • Connected homes: What do consumer companies need to know about the smart home revolution?
  • Deal or no deal: How CEOs can ensure their M&A deals create value
  • Branding: Is brand loyalty dead, or can smart brands reinvent it?
  • Case Study: Japanese konbini stores - how Japan revolutionized the convenience format
  • Lessons from other industries: When start-ups need to grow up

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