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Adapting the SCOR

Adapting the SCOR

Canada's Department of National Defence must make unique considerations when applying a SCOR model to an atypical environment


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A previous article, Shoring up Cyber Defences, spotlighted the challenges companies face when supplying Canada's Department of National Defence (DND). On the flip side of that discussion, however, are the unique considerations the DND itself must make when applying a typical supply-chain operations reference (SCOR) model to an atypical environment.

There are certainly more factors at play in a DND supply chain. Greater scrutiny must be applied to the sourcing, storing, distribution, and disposal of items; and the lifespan of those items can include years of redeployments, repair, and upgrade programs.

Take, for example, the journey of two generators. In a commercial supply chain, the generator would be purchased as part of a batch run by a hardware company, shipped to a hardware store location, and sold to an end-user who would only return it if it's defective or being exchanged. By contrast, in a DND supply chain, that generator would be purchased from heavily vetted suppliers, delivered to a long-term storage facility, and rotated through multiple end-users (units) while also being cycled through a regular maintenance routine.

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