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Accelerating business value for financial services

Accelerating business value for financial services

How can you do things differently, even better? With KPMG’s accelerators, our people explain how.


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Powered by Watson, KPMG's Commercial Mortgage Loan Grading platform uses artificial intelligence and digital enablement technology to assist audit and credit risk professionals in processing unstructured loan data and third-party information. It processes large amounts of unstructured data and simulates human judgment in assessing and testing commercial mortgage loan grades. The use of the Commercial Mortgage Loan Grading platform is intended to generate richer, more detailed audit evidence, inform risk assessment and decision making, and provide deeper insights into a company's risks, processes, controls and reporting in support of a quality audit.

KPMG’s automated closed-loop pricing optimization solution, Relationship Pricing, breaks the pricing paradigm – it doesn’t simply look at pricing deposits by product, balance tier and competitor activities. It measures and differentiates customers across a range of behavioral dimensions that impact pricing decisions. The tool analyzes share of wallet, rate sensitivity, customer lifetime value, and attrition risk. The approach allows for real-time modelling of rates, supported by What-if scenarios and agile responses to specific customer circumstances and market growth targets.

KPMG’s Lead Generation for Commercial Banking solution harnesses the power of advanced analytics to enable behaviour-based customer profiling and predictive modeling capabilities. The goal is to provide a deeper understanding of customer preferences and needs, and as a result, strengthen client relationships by positioning timely and relevant insights.

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