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Canadian mining executives identify top risks for 2018

Top mining risks for 2018

Commodity prices are number one risk; technology disruption may put job positions at risk


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Fluctuating commodity prices is the top risk facing mining and metals companies KPMG's annual survey of Canadian mining executives finds. The latest issue of Insights into Mining shows a relatively consistent risk landscape compared to previous years as Canadian and global mining businesses continue to navigate uncertainty in a highly competitive industry.

Top 10 risks facing Canadian mining and metals companies in 2018:

  1. Commodity price risk
  2. Permitting risk
  3. Access to capital, including Liquidity
  4. Community relations and social license to operate
  5. Controlling capital costs
  6. Environmental risk
  7. Political risk
  8. Ability to access and replace reserves
  9. Controlling operating costs
  10. Capital allocation risk

What risks did not make the Top 10?

In this year's survey innovation – the risk of disruption ranked at an all-time high of #16. However, when KPMG surveyed the same group of executives about whether some job positions will be automated or significantly impacted by technology in the next three years, the majority of respondents expected 13 positions to be adversely affected or made redundant due to rapid transformational advancements in technology.

Download the report to review our thoughts on disruption in the mining industry and the top 10 job positions at risk.

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