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How to bounce back from cyber fatigue

How to bounce back from cyber fatigue

Are you tired of hearing about cyber security? You’re in good company.

Francis Beaudoin

Partner, National Leader – Technology Risk Consulting

KPMG in Canada


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Over the past few years, many large and small organisations have become victims of cyber breaches - wreaking havoc by taking critical IT systems offline, revealing corporate confidential information or compromising consumer identities. The effects of all these cyber attacks are very costly and also lead to a loss of credibility and brand reputation value.

As a result, IT professionals are bombarding top management and boardroom executives with requests for more money and resources. The majority of boards give in to the requests as stories of breaches and their significant impact on the company, continue to make headlines on a daily basis.

However, as cyber moves into the boardroom as a major agenda item, a comprehensible strategy for combatting and overcoming threats is required. If top management or the board are constantly met with requests of all sorts, cyber fatigue is perhaps the greatest risk of all, underlining the importance of maintaining their positive attention on this highly relevant area.

In this discussion paper we highlight the risk of cyber fatigue and propose five steps to a cost-efficient cyber approach which will ensure that cyber fatigue receives adequate attention from the board now and in the future.

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