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Cyber security: A failure of imagination by CEOs

Cyber security: A failure of imagination by CEOs

Global CEOs walk a fine line between risk and reward.

Francis Beaudoin

Partner, National Leader – Technology Risk Consulting

KPMG in Canada


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Keeping data safe is no longer an afterthought at most organizations – whether it’s customer data, or IP or the more mundane data necessary to run the company. KPMG International recently surveyed over 1,200 chief executives from many of the world’s largest and most complex companies and discovered what keeps them awake at night.

The most innovative companies have recognized that cyber security is a customer experience and revenue opportunity, not just a risk that needs to be managed. They are finding ways to turn cyber security preparedness into a competitive advantage rather than a cost, building security into new products and services at the design stage and realizing that cyber security is not an IT issue: it must work across the entire organization and the ecosystem.

This new report, a follow-up to the recently launched CEO Outlook Survey, seeks to provide perspectives on the global cyber security landscape and track insights on the coming three years.

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