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The growth of KPMG's Forensic practice in Canada

The growth of KPMG's Forensic practice in Canada

The forensics landscape is evolving and so are we.


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The forensic investigations, disputes and regulatory compliance of today demand a practice that's invested in tomorrow. For KPMG, that means making significant investments in a Canada-wide Forensic and Dispute Advisory team driven by cutting-edge technologies, battle-tested partners, and foresight for identifying what's around the corner.

Our approach is to strive to attract and retain the best in the field. KPMG's Forensic practice has recently attracted many of the top market professionals from across Canada, including a senior expert with testimony in the areas of complex class action matters, assessment of economic losses, business and securities valuations, professional liability and forensic accounting investigations. KPMG has also added industry experienced forensic technology and cybercrime investigative professionals.

KPMG in Canada's Forensic practice has a total of 12 partners from coast to coast and a total of 95 professional staff. With a truly integrated network of forensic and investigative professionals, our team can ensure that the best partners and resources are deployed for the job regardless of where our clients call home.

Together, our growing team delivers market-leading forensic services across four key pillars:

Dispute Advisory: Quantification of Economic Losses, Class Actions, Securities and Regulatory Disputes, Intellectual Property, Insurance Claims, Shareholder Disputes, Professional Liability.

Investigations: White-collar Crime Investigations, Forensic Data Analytics, Corporate Intelligence, Fraud Risk Assessments, Whistleblower lien services

Regulatory: Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Data Protection, Information Management, Other Regulatory matters

Technology: Computer Forensics, eDiscovery (managed services and transactional), Data Analytics, Departed Employee Investigations and Cyber Crime

KPMG's Forensic practice delivers one of the largest and most diversified practices of its kind in the Canadian market.

At the core of that practice is our belief in the power of data.

Without a doubt, modern disputes, investigations and regulatory matters deal with massive amounts of information – data which must be identified, recovered, processed, organized, reviewed and analyzed on a scale that is only getting larger and more complex. Thanks to our ongoing investments in our people's training and hiring practices, as well as advanced data analytics and eDiscovery tools, we work to protect clients from threats originating both within and outside their office doors. What's more, our resources can also be deployed to help identify red flags in order to stop potential issues before they become a crisis.

The forensics landscape is evolving; and so are we. Inspired by client feedback, and driven by a new and complex forensic environment, KPMG is investing in the people, tools, and skills necessary to support our clients. We're ready to take the stand for you, our clients!

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