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Venture Pulse: Q3’17 Global analysis of venture funding

Venture Pulse: Q3’17

Quarterly global report on VC trends published by KPMG Enterprise


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Venture Pulse

Venture Pulse: Q3'17 Global analysis of venture funding

Quarterly global report on VC trends published by KPMG Enterprise

According to the latest report, while the number of VC deals globally continued to decline, the total amount of VC investment remained strong quarter over quarter. The top ten deals globally accounted for almost one-third of total VC funding, highlighting the pivotal role of large deals in the ongoing health of the VC market.

The continued decline in the number of deals, particularly at the earliest deal stages has also shown how investors continue to be cautious with their investments – conducting significant due diligence of potential deals even at the seed and angel funding stages.

In this quarter's edition of the Venture Pulse Report, we explore these and a number of other global and regional trends, including:

  • The rising number of mega-deals across the globe
  • The increased due diligence being conducted on deals of all sizes
  • The evolution of virtual reality and augmented reality – and its application across sectors
  • The growing importance of corporates amid a pullback from "tourist" investors

Canada experiences strong rebound following slow start to 2017

After a banner year of VC investment in 2016, VC investment and deals activity slowed in Canada during the first half of the year. As predicted, Q3'17 saw a strong reversal of this trend, suggesting the short-term slump was simply a reflection of investors absorbing the impact of their earlier activities. Canadian VC investment in Q3'17 was up quarter-over-quarter and almost double the investment seen in Q1'17. The increase in investment came despite an ongoing decline in the number of deals, thus raising the median deal size quite substantially for the quarter as well.


Download the report above for full details.

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