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SickKids goes digital

SickKids goes digital

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For the SickKids Foundation to "go digital", it needed to go the distance. That's why, on the eve its boldest and most abitious digital marketing campaign to date, it committed to an enterprise-wide review to ensure it could support what promised to be a game-changing initiative.

The objective was clear, SickKids' marketing agency had its sights set on improving the donor experience. However, the success of its campaign hinged on the Foundation's capacity to support that digital engagement at every level of the organization – from its front-end staff and online touchpoints to the middle and back-end systems. For the campaign to work its magic, there could be no gaps.

Recognizing this, we conducted a sweeping review of SickKids' capabilities, using our Digital Aptitude Survey to collect employee insights, gauge their skills, and determine every department's ability to play its part in the transformation to come. Those results laid the groundwork for a step-by-step action plan designed to align SickKids' team, technologies, organizational structure, and culture to its digital ambitions.

According to Robin Cardozo, Chief Operating Officer, SickKids Foundation: "KPMG helped us define what it means to be digital across the organization. Their recommendations contributed to our ongoing donor-centric approach as well as an integrated and organizational ownership of a digital agenda."

It took an honest assessment and a few hard decisions, but in the end, SickKids had the strategy it needed to fill the gaps and remove the barriers along its path towards a more holistic, innovative, and effective digital strategy. Today, the SickKids Foundation continues to act on that strategy with confidence, building off the success of our engagement to create stronger connections to its community and launching campaigns like "SickKids VS", one of its most impactful campaigns in its 45-year history – and the first of many game-changing moves to come.

We deliver the results that matter.

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