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Reaching credible financial expert opinions through technology

Reaching credible opinions through technology

Q&A around the evolving role of dispute forensics


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Dispute Forensics

The increasing complexity of the business world, fast-changing technology, cross-border transactions and complicated business arrangements present the perfect environment for litigation and other types of legal disputes to arise. With the widespread availability and accessibility of technology, the approach to dispute resolution is also evolving. Significant amounts of financial and operational information can now be analyzed in an efficient manner, allowing disputing parties and their litigators to see a more fulsome picture of the matter at hand and obtain increased certainty that they are working with credible data.

One remedy that is often sought in litigation are economic losses, a financial award with the aim to put the plaintiffs back in the position they would have been had the alleged wrongdoing not occurred. For more on how the approach to damages is evolving, and how new approaches can benefit the Court, we spoke with Enzo Carlucci1 and Becky Seidler2 of KPMG Forensic in Canada.

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