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Re-inventing service delivery

Re-inventing service delivery

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After nearly 20 years of operation, it was time to re-invent Ontario Shared Services (OSS). Since 1998, the government entity and its 1700 employees had raised the bar for provincial service delivery, overseeing 50-plus services for Ontario ministries and supporting day-to-day activities for its 63,000-plus employees.

Yet while the OSS was meeting its initial mandates to drive down costs and create efficiencies for the Ontario public services, the needs of the province were changing. To continue its good work, the OSS needed a modern outlook and a more coordinated approach.

This was the motivation behind the OSS' move in 2016 to create a new 5-year strategic plan – one that would guide the organization in delivering more effective and efficient services, providing a greater variety of choice, expanding existing services, and establishing a sustainable funding structure. It was a process that required stakeholder interviews and collaboration, jurisdictional scans, research into potential funding opportunities and models, and the development of the plan itself.

And it all needed to be done in four months.

With the clock ticking, KPMG was hired to spearhead the OSS' transformation. It began with extensive interviews and creating the framework for OSS' new vision, based on KPMG's finely-tuned maturity model. From the start, it was clear the OSS had the people, experience, and track record to meet the ministries evolving needs, but required new processes, systems, and capabilities to modernize its services accordingly. Moreover, to help ensure OSS' success would never again go unnoticed, the team embedded new reporting measures.

A new 5-year plan was soon to follow, offering a comprehensive strategy for the OSS to better coordinate and revitalize its services, generate greater value, and forge sustainable investment partnerships. Year by year, it detailed the OSS' path, beginning with a blueprint for transformation in year one followed by the development of a transformation office and steps to build capacity for the projects it would oversee. More importantly, it put support systems in place to help ensure OSS' evolution would continue no matter who or what within the organization changed.

Today, that 5-year plan continues to guide OSS in its organization-wide growth. In addition to providing even stronger support for Ontario's public workers, the engagement has helped to bolster the organization's reputation as a global leader in government service delivery.

We know how to get things done.

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