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Re-imagining the customer experience

Re-imagining the customer experience

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Aspire. Re-imagine. Transform. These were the three stages for a prominent Canadian retailer's mission to revitalize its customer and employee experience.

To begin, we took a microscope to the organization's existing channels and customer journey, from the second they thought of the brand to the moment they entered a store. An exhaustive research campaign was then launched to better understand the market and capture industry best practices and trends from retailers across the globe. These combined investigations sparked aspirations for new customer experiences and in-store concepts, as well as guiding principles with which to pursue them. Checks were also put in place to ensure future steps would align with the retailer's unique structure, processes, and regulations.

Next came consultations with hundreds of stakeholders to brainstorm ideas on how to re-imagine the experience before, during, and after visiting one of the retailer's store. These ideas were brought to life in artist renderings to facilitate enterprise-wide consensus, after which the most popular concepts were measured against the organization's priority business objectives to lower operating costs, drive store traffic, and realize profitable growth. Only then did the team move forward with a comprehensive strategy to make those concepts a reality over a three-year time-frame.

By teaming with KPMG, the retailer now has a vision, strategy and actionable plan to reposition the brand as the "go-to" source for convenience, product discovery, and customer excellence. Thanks to this digital strategy, the retailer now has a clear plan for driving greater customer engagement and profitable growth.

We are on your side, all the way.

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