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KPMG can help turn your technology vision into reality

KPMG can help turn your technology vision into reality

Harness the power and capabilities of technology.


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Digital, Mobile and User Experience

If there's one constant in today's business, it's change. While some businesses are happily embracing the latest digital technologies and disrupting traditional business models, many are struggling to anticipate and keep up with trends. For senior executives, being on top of these business-changing and disruptive trends is increasingly essential.

You need to fully understand the risks and complex challenges involved, while constantly asking how digital technology can drive transformative growth and help your business gain a competitive advantage.

KPMG can help you to enhance the experience of your customers, operational productivity and internal people collaboration by leveraging the potential of digital technologies such as social media, cloud, analytics and mobility.

KPMG can also help you transform your operating model and value chains to improve benefits from the use of digital technologies for your customers, employees and shareholders.

KPMG has extensive experience of working with business and technical leaders across financial services, retail, technology, media, telecommunications, consumer markets, government, education and healthcare organizations.

We can assist you with:

  • Digital strategy, digital transformation and digital roadmaps 
  • Social media intelligence, research, diagnostics and monitoring to mitigate risk and competitive advantage 
  • Customer experience management
  • Mobile application solutions – design and delivery
  • Web effectiveness and content management 
  • Omni-channel strategy creation and execution 
  • New digital operating models and value chains 
  • Digital risk management 
  • Digital governance 
  • Program and project management of digital initiatives.


IT Strategy

Your old information technology strategy simply may not work anymore—the game has changed.

Managing the complexities of ever-changing industry and business demands can be overwhelming. And IT is often at the root of many challenges. They come in the shape of outdated strategies with unclear business value, poor responsiveness and scalability and performance issues.

Expedite your transformation journey by aligning IT investments and capabilities with your specific business priorities and needs. Proven acceleration tools and techniques can help drive growth and value, maximize IT performance and reduce expenditures. So you can run your IT organization more like a business.

Designing and implementing a relevant IT strategy is hard work. But it's worth it when you agree on business priorities. When you listen to and understand your leaders' needs. And when you actually achieve your business objectives.

Drive innovation and value through IT with these outcome-oriented KPMG services:

  • IT Operating Model Planning and Design
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Separation, Mergers and Acquisition Strategy
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • IT Programs and Projects
  • IT Risk and Security

Let's get to work on designing and putting into place a solid IT strategy.

Enterprise and Cloud Applications

KPMG helps organizations to determine where, when, and how to effectively use cloud delivery models.

As organizations look to reduce costs, transform their business, and remain competitive in today's dynamic business environment, many are evaluating the viability of leveraging cloud or as-a-service delivery models as an alternative to existing solutions.

Today business needs are driving technology decisions and there are a myriad of questions to answer with respect to cloud. With an ever-growing number of mature cloud providers as well as evolving delivery models come new risks and opportunities. Businesses are challenged with understanding where and how to begin their journey, and how to manage adoption.

KPMG helps organizations to determine where, when, and how to effectively use cloud delivery models. Our holistic approach helps clients understand the business, technology, security, change management, compliance and tax implications of the cloud.

Our functional and technical depth is enhanced by our deep understanding of leading industry issues and the practicality of cloud to better enable your business. Potential benefits of adopting a cloud solution include:

  • Improved alignment between business and IT leadership
  • Improved business agility
  • Potential cost reduction, different financial model than on-premise software
  • Implementation of a cloud environment that addresses potential security, tax, risk, and compliance considerations

We perform research, offer perspectives, and advise on:

  • Cloud strategy
  • Implementation of cloud solutions
  • Security and risk in the Cloud
  • Tax in the cloud

Program Delivery Services; Workflow and Automation

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (3PM) is comprised of three separate but interlinked management disciplines:

  1. Portfolio Management
  2. Program Management
  3. Project Management

When used together, 3PM aligns resources and activities to meet organizational objectives and strategies while helping to maximize portfolio potential and reduce risk. Additionally, our 3PM methodology scales to support Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) or EPMO initiatives, where we implement a centralized C-Level PMO to oversee multiple in-house PMOs and provide objective reporting on organizational program performance.

3PM teams can assist clients in any phase of a program or project's life cycle, so that they can run optimally, on time, on budget, and with intended goals met. Our detailed guidance is organized within method guides, guidance area documents, technique papers, and well-established tools—all integrated with other KPMG methods so that they can be leveraged to support a wide range of projects.

An advantage of 3PM-enabled initiatives and organizations include accelerated access to better data coming from governed projects and programs. Further, timely access to better data means issues and risks can be identified and mitigated earlier in the process, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful delivery.

3PM-enabled programs and projects also realize business value sooner, as great focus is placed on meeting business requirements and leveraging technology. Other potential benefits of 3PM include:

  • Increased value creation and the likelihood of success with guidance that helps establish consistency, transparency and control
  • Establishment of a comprehensive skill set to enable practitioner training and education based on standardized, scalable and accessible guidance
  • Improved program and project delivery to help ensure leadership goals and objectives are met, while reducing risk to the enterprise
  • Decreased cost and time overruns
  • Provision of a structured capital planning process


Workflow and Automation

IT and business teams faced with the urgent need to innovate, while optimizing processes and reducing costs, are increasingly turning to Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to increase their speed of delivery. To respond faster to business and customer needs, today's organizations need more configurable applications utilizing a modern BPM platform with easy-to-use graphical tools to model and automate processes.

KPMG provides Process Automation Solutions that span from strategy to execution, including vendor selection, proof-of-concept and prototyping, requirements and analysis, solution design, and implementation. We can provide innovative business applications for global clients that harness the power of social collaboration, mobility, enterprise data and analytics, and Cloud computing technologies.

Having a deeper understanding of strategic business drivers, key performance metrics, and automation opportunities within existing processes can help your organization achieve process efficiencies, reduce cycle times, increase process visibility, and reduce maintenance costs -- while establishing an agile platform for continuous process improvement.

KPMG works with clients to transform existing processes and information systems into new and improved business capabilities. Our teams can assist you in responding quickly to business and customer needs through software that emulates human actions on the user interface, emphasizes human intelligence through autonomic and cognitive solutions, and embraces disruptive technologies such as Robotic Process Automation. We can help you:

  • Enhance your IT responsiveness, as well as business performance, through fresh integration approaches and technologies
  • Create a base of institutionalized knowledge and methods to enable continuous improvement, performance gains, and consistency
  • Reduce time spent on mundane, repetitive, rule-based tasks and enable employees to focus on more value added tasks
  • Improve the agility of your organization to respond to business or market changes

Our team offers experience with a number of leading technology platforms to help enable process automation. Our services include:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • Cloud Integration

Whether your organization is undergoing a business transformation or continuous process improvement initiative, looking at process as an asset, or implementing BPM solutions to manage change effectively, KPMG can help. We work every day with IT teams facing the urgent need to innovate, while optimizing processes and reducing costs. We're designing and implementing future-state technology programs for our clients to address these key business issues quickly and efficiently.

KPMG Powered Enterprise; Architecture and Integration

Transform your business for what comes next. KPMG Powered Enterprise leverages decades of business and Cloud technology experience to help you transform your back office faster and achieve a greater step change in value.

Whether you're feeling the burden of legacy technology, managing an evolving workforce, or complying with changing regulatory requirements, agility and speed are critical.

KPMG Powered Enterprise gives you the solution to help you get there more quickly and efficiently. It's a pre-defined set of business functions that enables organizations to improve back-office performance and efficiency.

Our Finance, Procurement and HR operating models, implementation tools and configured Cloud technologies are pre-defined based on the 80/20 rule to give you a rapid start. The KPMG team works with you to help tailor the pre-defined solution to fit your unique business.

  • Business process models
  • Organizational design and roles
  • Controls and KPIs
  • Data model and reports
  • Test scenarios and scripts
  • Preconfigured cloud applications
  • Project delivery tools

KPMG Powered Enterprise can help you achieve a predictable, accelerated path to the finish line.

By using KPMG Powered Enterprise, you can dramatically reduce the time and risk associated with your transformation initiative. Our pre-built models are shaped by our leading practices and calibrated based on our experience working with organizations of all sizes, and in all industries.


Architecture and Integration

KPMG's Technology and Process Integration practice leverages our firm-wide knowledge and experience to deliver process-based solutions. Our strengths in risk and process implementations yield practical and valuable solutions for our clients in all key industries, including Financial Services, Health Care, Telecommunications, Energy, and Public Sector.

KPMG's methodology captures, designs, and implements processes that encompass wide-ranging client issues, particularly in compliance and automation. Our methodologies, and technology partnerships are the foundation to helping our clients establish their process centers of excellence.

We bring deep industry experience with a comprehensive suite of business process management services to drive value from your transformation initiative.

Business Process Excellence: KPMG combines our experience in leading processes design and improvement methodologies with deep industry and function understanding so you can achieve rapid business results and build new, enduring capabilities.

Enterprise Architecture: KPMG's Enterprise Architecture services help identify the current state of your organization and the desired target state to determine the transition process needed to reach those goals. Utilizing this structure ensures that each project is in sync with overall objectives and delivers the business results in fast and flexible ways.

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