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Keeping the region in motion

Keeping the region in motion

We are on your side, all the way.



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Metrolinx was formed in 2006 with the ambitious goal of expanding and transforming the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area's public transportation network. Alongside its regional partners and the Ministry of Transportation, the agency has steered forward with a Regional Transportation Plan designed to "champion, develop, and implement an integrated transportation system for our region that enhances prosperity, sustainability, and quality of life."

Metrolinx's first decade was marked by significant growth and maturation. In addition to merging with GO Transit in 2009, the agency added the Union Pearson Express and PRESTO farecard system divisions in 2010 and 2011, respectively; as well as helped put shovels in the ground for critical projects throughout the region. By 2016, however, that growth called for a more efficient, expedient, and coordinated approach to managing the implementation of the Regional Transportation Plan and its many moving parts.

To take its operations to the next level, Metrolinx brought KPMG on board to introduce new leading practices, automated processes, and stronger collaborative strategies in the agency's bid to enhance its large-scale portfolio, program and project management function.

Through this ongoing implementation program, Metrolinx and KPMG have charted new ways to help reduce project management risks and embed both standardized portfolio, program and project processes and integrated solutions across many of the agency's business units. KPMG has lead consultations and workshop sessions with each business unit to help gain the insights and knowledge necessary to create a comprehensive target operating model and detailed business requirements. Our team has also engaged stakeholders throughout the agency and within the program to define a fully integrated transformation plan. We will then configure, build, test and deploy the Oracle Unifier solution that will enable Metrolinx's portfolio, program and project function across the enterprise. KPMG will also strive to ensure that a clear route to success is defined by managing a comprehensive Organizational Change Management workstream for Metrolinx.

Thanks to our long-running relationship with Metrolinx and its partners, confidence is high that our sustainable implementation approach and methodology will deliver this program successfully, and enable Metrolinx to deliver its large volume of capital transportation programs for the benefit of citizens who live throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

We are on your side, all the way.

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