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Helping you leverage your people as a strategic asset

Helping you leverage your people as a strategic asset

How your talent is your competitive advantage.


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Behavioral Change Management and Organization Design

Behavioral Change Management – Changes in processes, systems and technology require that jobs be structured and performed differently. To enable and sustain lasting change, rigorous attention to a formal change management effort is integral to any significant project a company undertakes.

KPMG can help equip your company to drive and sustain change through these key services:

Organization Risk and Readiness – A holistic diagnosis is conducted that assesses an organization's risks in dealing with large-scale change. The diagnosis incorporates key elements of a sound change management strategy, including culture transformation, executive sponsorship, organization design factors and workforce implications.

Stakeholder Management and Strategic Communication – Identification of key influences and the design and execution of a systemic approach to communication that increases awareness, buy-in and ownership of the desired change.

Workforce Transition – Job impact analyses are conducted, and targeted workforce transition programs designed, so that the full life cycle of the change process is supported. We help you equip people significantly affected by change for new roles, implement processes to support them, and coordinate integration of talent management and training to prepare them for success in the new environment.

We also can help you address change issues with these enabling services:

  • e-Brainstorming®: KPMG's e-Brainstorming® platform is a unique approach to quickly and efficiently collect input, ideas, feedback and hard data on key questions confronting an organization. e-Brainstorming® has helped our clients conduct strategic planning, generate and evaluate ideas, assess risk and solicit real-time feedback with a professional moderator guiding the discussion.
  • U-Collaborate: U-Collaborate, which is embedded within a KPMG engagement, can help you tackle critical business issues such as creating a new target operating model or defining a new business process, through a facilitation approach that is a powerful enabler of alignment and decision making.

Learning and Development – KPMG helps clients design customized, leading practice Learning and Development functions, corporate training strategies, content design, development, and learning measurement programs.


Organization Design

Businesses in every industry struggle to assemble the management structure, leadership skills and overall workforce productivity to capitalize on rapidly shifting conditions and opportunities. Often they find they need new organizational models, people who can lead and contribute within those models, and guidance in making the transition to new ways of doing business.

We provide services to help your business embrace change and strengthen performance through proactive approaches to improving the organization and its most valuable asset, its people.

We can help you identify areas of HR improvement and add value to the broader organization. Our services include:

  • HR Analytics
  • HR Transformation
  • Talent Management
  • HR Service Delivery
  • Change Management
  • Organization Design
  • Employee Onboarding Tools
  • Learning and Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • KPMG Powered Enterprise

Learning and Development

KPMG's People and Change organization has an established Learning and Development (LandD) team focused on assisting clients in designing customized, leading practice LandD functions, corporate training strategies, content design and development and learning measurement programs.

Our Learning and Development methodology includes a proven roadmap of activities, work products, accelerators and deliverables that can be scaled or tailored for any organization. Coupled with our strong focus on value creation, our approach assists organizations in meeting Human Capital risks head on to overcome challenges and drive tangible business results.

KPMG is a recognized leader in Learning and Development. We have been inducted into the Training Magazine Hall of Fame in recognition of our consistent ranking in the top ten of its celebrated Training Top 125 list.

KPMG's Business School was recognized in CLO Magazine's 2015 list of Learning Elite: KPMG placed #6, a higher ranking than any other professional services firm.

Our approach to Learning and Development spans the spectrum of Strategy, Content, and Technology and Support.

Talent Management and Employee Engagement

Talent management

KPMG can assist you in achieving a high return on your talent investment.

Smart decisions on hiring, promoting and retaining talent can make the difference between a brand that draws high-caliber talent and a company with jobs to be had.

Companies dedicate considerable resources to finding, deploying and cultivating their people, with good reason. After all, how well an organization manages its talent can make or break its business.

Position your organization to win in the future: We work with clients to identify the skills and capabilities their organizations will need in the future so they can begin building them into their workforces today. The process starts by understanding where the organization wants to succeed in the future – and the people, processes and tools they will need to accomplish those successes.

Tune into the needs of future talent: Strategic workforce planning provides a forward-looking focus on the supply and demand of your talent pools so you can be proactive, versus reactive, when addressing talent needs.

Mitigate talent-related risks: It is important to embed talent risks such as succession, skills availability, key person dependencies and retirement cliffs firmly into an organization's enterprise risk management. Talent-related decisions must be evaluated for their return on investment – and this intelligence should then be recycled to inform future talent decisions. Most importantly, strategic talent assessment and planning should be part of ongoing business planning – not an isolated HR exercise.


Employee Engagement

Creating consistency, reducing friction, and enabling employees with seamless intuitive technology not only impacts employee engagement, but also drives business value. By understanding the "why" behind user interactions, companies can closely align behaviors with business objectives to create effective user experiences.

  • Employees are more vocal about the systems they must interact with – their needs have changed due to modern technology and software they use in their home life.
  • Employees expect consistency in design and functionality with the systems they interact with and an ease of getting work done.
  • The line between home and work is blurred creating a difficult environment for enterprises to adapt quickly enough to keep employees engaged in their jobs.

While most business leaders agree that employee engagement has real business impact, few actually have a strategy.

KPMG can help you utilize digital and mobile technologies to drive business transformation across the enterprise to increase sales and reduce costs. Specifically we help you:

  • Motivate workforce and increase productivity
  • Enable truly mobilized teams
  • Increase ROI on legacy applications
  • Make quicker decisions with increased confidence
  • Increase sales through improved processes

Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

We help companies achieve sustainable and profitable growth through an intelligent Inclusion and Diversity strategy

How We Define Inclusion and Diversity

At KPMG, we believe in Inclusion and Diversity. Inclusion is about all of us: the creating of a culture that strives for equity and embraces, respects and values differences for all of our people. Diversity is about each of us: the variety of unique experiences, qualities and characteristics we all possess. We have been at the forefront of inclusive policies and practices for visible minorities, women, persons with disabilities, the LGBTQ community and Indigenous people.


Our 4 Pillar Approach

Provides inclusion and diversity strategy solutions that assess your current workforce, programs, policies and practices; identify strengths and weaknesses; and, establish a new organizational standard. This means the right people, right strategies, right implementation, best outcomes.

We work directly with our clients to help develop and execute a strategy based on a methodology that is data-driven and measurable, benchmarks against industry standards, and increases employee/customer engagement. Our unique service offering in the Canadian market delivers rigorous and relevant insights quickly to help business leaders reduce risk, strengthen brand reputation and stakeholder perceptions, and enhance value.

Inclusion demands we see beyond our differences to create a culture which unlocks the power of diversity and helps drive innovation. Unlocking the power of diversity is accelerating productivity, tapping into new markets, and creating value for shareholders.


KPMG Inclusion & Diversity IQ

Our new measurement tool, KPMG Inclusion & Diversity IQ™ will help you build a workforce that is diverse at all levels of your organization and create an inclusive culture. It will give you a starting point so you and your organization can make informed choices. KPMG Inclusion & Diversity IQ™ is a current state assessment based on seven dimensions:

  • I&D Strategy
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Customer and Supply Chain
  • Stakeholders
  • Talent Processes
  • Infrastructure
  • Brand and Reputation

The score will provide a baseline for your organization and identify the gaps. With these insights, we can help you develop an inclusion and diversity strategy and a road map tailored to your specific needs and designed to achieve your goals – some benefits can include:

  • Greater appeal to a broader customer base
  • Higher productivity at all levels 
  • Accelerated performance, stronger ROI and CAGR (compound annual growth rate)
  • Increased value for shareholders
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Strengthened stakeholders perceptions
  • Attraction and retention of high-performing talent
  • Greater speed to market
  • Increased innovation

Taking organizational change to new heights

Taking organizational change to new heights

We know how your business works.


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