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Helping you convert your data into insights

Helping you convert your data into insights

Finding value in your data.


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Functional and Industry Analytics

KPMG can help you capitalize on the value of your data – including real time, historical and predictive insights – to support strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Analytics enables a shift of focus from simply delivering data to establishing a business analytics approach for evolving to an intelligent enterprise.

Organizations make decisions based on analysis of data to:

  • Create plans, explore alternatives and understand trade-offs
  • Monitor operational and financial performance
  • Drive day-to-day operational processes, allocate capital and resources
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Respond to changes in business conditions

Analytics represents the ability to acquire, consolidate and transform simple data into relevant information, allowing knowledge to drive business decisions and actions. But extracting actionable information from data grows more difficult as data volumes continue to swell. Decades of technology innovation have focused on moving businesses beyond reliance on spreadsheets, yet manual and offline tools continue to underpin critical management decision making and reporting.

KPMG can help you capitalize on the value of your data – including real time, historical and predictive insights – to support strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Visualization and Integrated Business Planning

Achieve cross-enterprise alignment of planning and execution processes to improve predictability and financial performance while managing risk

Integrated business planning (IBP) is a model that enables greater planning accuracy and operational performance by aligning strategic planning, finance, supply chain, sales, marketing, and product development functions. It is this alignment that drives real corporate performance like earnings per share, operating margin, and working capital.

Executives use IBP to evaluate plans and activities based on the economic impact of each consideration. Those business decisions are aided by current financial and operational performance through dashboards and reporting, identifying specific levers that require immediate focus to address potential financial shortfalls and recommending redress strategies, if plans are jeopardized.

A strong integrated business planning process can help provide:

  • Aligned financial and operations plans
  • A formal cycle for proactive executive review and commitment
  • Ownership and accountability in all areas and levels of the organization
  • Sales, inventory, and production plans reviewed by all areas
  • Goals focused on business performance
  • Enhanced revenue, reduced operating expense and improved shareholder value

KPMG can help you establish leading capabilities in supply chain visibility, process integration and collaboration to meet today's integrated business planning needs. Our competencies bridge the disciplines of finance, technology, and operations to offer broad business perspective as well as deep functional and process knowledge.

Enterprise Performance

Many organizations today face the growing need to access a broader set of information from which to make critical business decisions. The impact of Big Data along with the convergence of structured and unstructured data only complicates that access. This accelerated growth of data presents both opportunity and risk to businesses as the ownership of the data is often unclear, quality is questioned and getting the right information to the right people continues to expand in complexity and expense. Add market and regulatory demands for timely and accurate information and the traditional means of managing data no longer meet the needs of the business.

KPMG's "Intelligent Enterprise Approach" provides a path to help deliver the information clients need to run their organization. This approach keeps the strategies and business objectives of the organization at the forefront and cuts though the complexity of data to deliver the right information to the right people.

By focusing on strategies and business objectives, our approach allows clients to streamline processes, improve the integrity and transparency of their data, eliminate costly shadow systems and create timely, accurate enterprise reporting and analytics. It is this foundation that makes technology change transformational, avoiding the syndrome of "we invested heavily in new systems, but we kept our previous processes and now have a system that is difficult for business users, inflexible to change and carries a heavy administrative burden".

KPMG's Intelligent Enterprise Approach helps clients identify and easily use the key business drivers to deliver on KPIs needed to run their business. KPMG's depth across all industries, leading processes and technology experience helps clients design solutions to effectively meet current and future information needs.

Whether embarking on a significant process transformation effort or just modernizing components of your information framework, KPMG can help you start with an informed assessment and roadmap. KPMG's Intelligent Enterprise Approach helps simplify and manage your growing data needs as they continue to evolve. Performance Management and Analytics services:

  • 'Big Data' Strategy and Implementation
  • Data Management / Integration
  • Oracle Analytics OBIEE
  • Oracle EPM / Hyperion
  • SAP / BPC

Information Management

How do you effectively transform data on a consistent basis into information which can provide actionable intelligence for an organization? KPMG believes it starts with identifying, enabling, and realizing business value.

Our approach to effective management of information allows clients to focus on the insights and decisions that drive performance while providing the governance, data management processes, and infrastructure to cost effectively maintain information accurateness, timeliness and security.

We assist our clients with a variety of initiatives:

  • Information/Data Strategy & Architecture
  • Information/Data Standards & Governance
  • Information Access & Distribution
  • Information/Data Management & Integration
  • Master Data and Metadata Strategies & Management
  • Data Warehouse Design & Development
  • Information/Data Management Assessments
  • Data Quality Assessment & Programs
  • Information Management COE
  • BI/Analytics/Reporting Strategy, Roadmap, Design & Development
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Infrastructure Assessment & Strategies
  • Data Conversion Strategies and Development
  • Big Data Assessment, Strategies and Implementation

Our goal is to help our clients understand the requirements for data in order to transform data on a consistent basis into information providing actionable intelligence for an organization.

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