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Helping Keep Canadians Safe

Helping Keep Canadians Safe

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For a prominent federal public safety agency there was no option, mounting resourcing challenges were placing them at risk of failing to keep Canadian's safe. They needed a data-driven analysis of their resourcing sufficiency in order to make a stronger case for federal dollars, adopt greater efficiencies, and where necessary, eliminate redundancies.

Our assignment was vast in scope, involving a complex set of stakeholders across the country and a steering committee comprised of the federal public safety agency and key federal central agency stakeholders. Since every facet of the agencies operations were deeply integrated, our assignment relied on an in-depth analysis of the organization's structures and data to determine exactly where and how funds were being spent and to match resource dollars to performance. By applying an enterprise architecture approach, we developed a comprehensive resourcing model that accurately depicted the agencies resourcing situation.

By applying a data and analytics approach, the resourcing model was deconstructed and reconstructed in order to accurately diagnose resourcing challenges and their root cause. The model and data was also used to benchmark the agencies funding structure to other public safety organizations both in Canada and across Canada's partners within the "5 Eyes" - the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Through analysis, KPMG was able to deeply assess the agencies programs and funding, accurately diagnose resourcing challenges and provide recommendations for long-term sustainability.

With our findings, we developed insights and recommendations that were presented to and approved by the steering committee. The results of the resourcing review provided central agencies and federal ministers with highly valued, unprecedented insight and visibility into the agencies resourcing situation, a critical step in maintaining a united front against ever-changing threats.

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