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Going beyond the strategy

Going beyond the strategy

We know how to get things done.



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For one of Canada's largest healthcare firms, the choice was clear: take bold steps to grow its core business and seize new market opportunities or risk losing ground to the competition. It needed a new game plan, fresh perspectives, and data-driven insights that would not only deliver immediate results, but "go beyond the strategy".

It was an ambitious goal with an ambitious timeline. To begin, we conducted a comprehensive review of our client's organization to reveal core growth strategies and market expansion opportunities in genetics, government services, and other priority areas.

Next, we drew from our experience in numerous health care markets to profile the current and future landscape of Canada's healthcare industry. That meant leveraging our Big Data Planning Tool to comb through vast amounts of sector data such as economic, demographic, and market projections, to quantitatively shape and evaluate our client's next moves. Developed by our team of strategy consultants, healthcare professionals, policy makers, and seasoned KPMG analysts, this sophisticated program was key to laying the groundwork for our final planning steps.

With the foundation set, we created a business transformation framework designed to equip our client with the knowledge, plans, and resources to execute on their industry plans long after the critical planning process. Not only did this deliver an immediate sale, our client moved forward with a clear company vision backed by data-driven strategies and growth-sustaining tools.

And today, that confidence persists. Facing new healthcare players, technological disruptors, and shifting market trends, our client continues to maintain its edge in this highly competitive industry.

We know how to get things done.

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