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Betting big on data-driven insights

Betting big on data-driven insights

We know how to exploit technology.


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Betting big on data-driven insights

The secrets to Woodbine Entertainment Group's HPIbet platform growth were within reach; however, they were buried within a billion lines of data. To unearth them, Canada's iconic horse racing betting service needed to take its customer analytics game to the next level. That's what it set out to achieve in 2017 during the largest digital initiative in the organization's history.

Out of the gate, we sourced and analyzed over 10 years of consumer transactional metrics – data which held key insights pertaining to the spend and profit potential for racing fans in Canada. Next, the team applied those insights to create specific customer segments based on a wide range of factors such as race categories, payout sizes, customer rewards, and the success of HPIbet's promotions. Getting this right required significant effort to clean and organize data from multiple systems to ensure a holistic view of their customers.

Making sense of the data was only the beginning. With new insights into their customers and a roadmap of marketing initiatives in place, Woodbine is on a journey to take action with what they have learned. Woodbine's marketing team now has the knowledge and confidence to launch promotions and marketing campaigns tailored to specific segments and individuals. HPIbet customer level insight has given Woodbine's decision makers the skills to keep pace with its customers by using its data to respond to their preferences in real time.

The data was already there. What Woodbine needed was to leverage it more effectively in order to better understand its customers and reveal future opportunities. Teaming with KPMG, the organization remains on track to realize dramatic profit potential in their target groups and keep current horseracing fans continually engaged with the HPIbet platform.

We know how to exploit technology.

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