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Ensuring a creative space for transformation

Ensuring a creative space for transformation

Supporting front-line providers and leaders with a clearly articulated vision and methodical roadmap


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Ensuring a creative space for transformation

​It is said that health system transformation is like changing a Boeing 747 into a stealth bomber in mid-air. This kind of complex system redesign requires infrastructure and industry expertise.

How is it possible that we expect existing health system providers and leaders to transform the system while they are fully employed and over capacity? Health system redesign needs a collective effort; we need to build in the space and capacity for change to happen and we need to ensure that people have the right skills to design and implement change.

Health system transformation requires people to adapt and change. This requires self-reflection and understanding of how our own behaviours and work habits need to change, regardless of role or position. Entrenched patterns of behaviour and ways of working can be significant barriers to transformation.

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