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Consumers are becoming activated

Consumers are becoming activated

Clinicians need help catching up to their patients’ new expectations


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Consumers are becoming activated

There is a growing trend with consumerism amongst health "citizens" and patient populations. The proliferation of apps is having a spillover effect in healthcare. Consumers are increasingly interacting with their health and social care providers and organizations through business models that did not exist five or ten years ago. As disruption continues to spill over into healthcare, it will create a greater expectation, especially from a younger generation, that options exist for them to engage in the management of their own healthcare.

With the strong presence of social media, the growing popularity of rating websites for healthcare providers, and the increasingly strong voice of patient organizations comes an increased demand for transparency as patients want to understand where they can go for the service they want. Increasing transparency naturally leads to choice, which creates competition for healthcare providers that has not existed on this scale in the past.

The same tools that are disrupting traditional care models and methods for engaging with providers are enabling a new activated patient. These patients are fully engaged in their own self-management in partnership with clinicians, however take a more educated and active role in managing their health than traditional patient-clinician interactions.

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