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Getting 'sale ready' - laying groundwork early pays big dividends

Laying the groundwork early pays big dividends

In today’s tough energy market, squeezing out every drop of operational value is critical to secure the most value from a deal


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Businesses are often valued based a multiple of earnings, meaning that even small operational improvements in the time leading up to a sale can lead to significant increases in sale proceeds. With recovery in the energy sector looking uncertain among sloping oil and gas prices and lack of consensus about the long-term outlook, those businesses looking to sell in this increasingly consolidated market need to distinguish themselves from the pack by getting 'sale ready.'

Management teams often seek external support to quickly ratchet up performance and present the company in the best way possible. For those businesses looking to operational improvements prior to selling, our advisors offer key tips on getting 'sale ready' in the article “Getting 'sale ready' - laying groundwork early pays big dividends,” downloadable below.


For more in-depth discussion of this topic, listen to KPMG's on-demand DealCast webinar, Maximizing sale proceeds by optimizing performance and getting 'sale ready.'

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