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Bring your whole self to work: Inclusion and Diversity Report

I&D Report - KPMG in Canada

Join us on our inclusion and diversity journey, and be part of the conversation.

Mary Lou Maher

Canadian Managing Partner, Quality & Risk Management, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity

KPMG in Canada


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Diversity is about each of us - about the variety of unique experiences, qualities and characteristics we all possess.

Inclusion is about all of us - creating a culture that strives for equity and embraces, respects and values differences for all of our people.


Our journey, our vision

At KPMG, we are proud of our commitment to inclusion and diversity, and we recognize the progress we have made, but also understand that we are very early into this journey. Inclusion and diversity continues to evolve in a dynamic society, and it is the quality of our pursuit - rather than our anticipation of the finish line - that will make the difference.

Learn more about our Inclusion and Diversity journey by reading our Inclusion and Diversity Report.


“At KPMG, we believe in Inclusion and Diversity. The unique experiences, perspectives and values of our people allow us to think differently which helps us better serve our diverse clients – ultimately making us the clear choice.”

Elio Luongo
Chief Executive Officer, Senior Partner


“By continuing to build an inclusive culture, our people are able to bring their whole selves to work, which includes their diversity of perspectives and new ideas. This helps motivate our people to deliver innovative and competitive services to you: our clients and our communities.”

Mary Lou Maher
Business Unit Leader, GTA Audit, Chief Inclusion Officer


Visit our Inclusion and Diversity page to learn more about our inclusion and diversity initiatives at the firm.

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