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2017 Real Estate Outlook Survey

2017 Real Estate Outlook Survey

KPMG’s 2017 Real Estate Outlook Survey: Sustaining momentum – but will it last? A Canadian / US Comparison.


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2017 Real Estate Outlook Survey

Despite hints of cooling and predictions of collapse, Canada's real estate market continues to bubble. How long will the heat last and how are industry leaders reacting? We surveyed senior commercial and real estate executives across Canada and the US to provide an insider's perspective on the trends and opportunities driving the market in 2017 and beyond.

Tighter competition, higher prices, and new rules are giving real estate leaders reasons to be wary. Nevertheless, executives are not backing down from domestic opportunities; and this cautious optimism is fueling their pursuit of new developments, adaptive strategies, and new avenues for growth.


Key highlights include:

  • Forward momentum: Canadian real estate leaders aren't backing down 
  • Flight to quality: Demand for high-quality assets is rising in Canada's main hubs 
  • Regional disparity: There's more to the story than Toronto and Vancouver 
  • More high-value sell-offs: Pension plans putting large real estate assets for sale 
  • Inbound foreign capital: Interest from abroad is igniting competition
  • Tax and regulatory reform: New rules / guidelines are introducing new challenges 
  • Disruptive technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovative business models are changing the game 
  • Digital threats: Cybersecurity is becoming top of mind

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