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The truth about online consumers

The truth about online consumers

A closer look at global and Canadian consumers’ online shopping experiences.


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The truth about online consumers

What do consumers really want?

Advances in technology, logistics, payments and trust – coupled with increasing internet and mobile access and consumer demand for convenience – have created a US$1.9 trillion global online shopping arena, where millions of consumers no longer ‘go’ shopping, but literally ‘are’ shopping – at every moment and everywhere.

Retailers need to be more aware and responsive than ever to when and where their potential customers are making decisions throughout their ‘always on’ shopping journey.

This study provides insights and data that can help our clients analyze and forecast the behaviors and preferences of online consumers – by geography, generation (Millennials, Generation X or Baby Boomers), and/or product category.


Read the report to learn more about:

  • Online purchase behavior: Cross border shopping, the rise of e-tailers and device preference trends 
  • The path to purchase journey: From awareness to evaluation, the online shopping experience 
  • Consumer attitudes and motivations: What’s driving the shift to online, and winning the online consumer


Global survey
Over 18,000 global consumers (from 51 countries) provided feedback on their most recent online shopping experiences
Over 18.000 consumers in over 50 countries gave us insights on their latest online shopping experiences, expectations and what retailers can do to earn their business and loyalty.


Canadian addendum
With a specific look at the Canadian respondents, we compare and contrast their preferences and behaviours to those of their global counterparts.

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