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Making your business better – Consumer Markets

Making your business better – Consumer Markets

Honoured to serve York Region


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Connect with John, Willy or Elliot today to get started or email us to find out how KPMG can help make your business better.

Every business is different, each having its own goals and challenges. Whether online or over the counter, customer experience is paramount. We know your success hinges on your ability to understand your consumers and continuously improve their experience. And that’s where we excel: we approach retail, food, beverage, and restaurant industry issues from your perspective.


KPMG is honoured to serve York Region

The Toronto region is rapidly expanding its boundaries, both to the North and West of Toronto’s downtown core. In response to this growth, KPMG opened a full-service location in Vaughan in October 2016.

This office location houses close to 500 KPMG people working to make businesses like yours better. Combining our multi-disciplinary approach with deep industry knowledge of York Region’s business needs, KPMG continues to strive to provide service excellence to our current and future clients. As our presence in the Greater Toronto Area expands beyond downtown Toronto, we are better positioned – literally – to service clients across the GTA and in York Region.

To find out more about the KPMG Canada’s new Vaughan office and how we can help make your business better, visit the KPMG in Vaughan page

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