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Insight Magazine: Globalization

Insight Magazine: Globalization

This edition offers our perspective on the impact of globalization on the infrastructure sector.


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In this edition of Insight Magazine, we explore the forces of globalization that are disrupting the fundamentals of the infrastructure sector. This is a pivotal point for our sector, many of the decisions made today will reverberate for generations and we believe this publication will help inform those decisions and create a brighter – more open - future

As the world order changes and new forces emerge, our infrastructure clients are seeking forward looking advice and insights to help them navigate through the disruption. This edition of Insight magazine offers our perspective on the impact of globalization on the infrastructure sector.

Not surprisingly, we are unabashedly supportive of globalization. But we also recognize that – without more equal distribution – only a few will share in the benefits.

In this edition of Insight, we explore key issues and topics such as:

  • The rise of a new world order: There has been a clear shift in the center of gravity towards the East. In this edition, we explore how this shift is disrupting traditional infrastructure markets and the opportunities that are being created in the emerging markets. 
  • The new models driving investment and development: We talk to investors, policy makers, development agencies and infrastructure authorities about the new approaches being created to help unlock pipelines around the world. 
  • The shifting role of multilaterals: As the role of global institutions changes, we explore how multilateral banks and development agencies are working to transform their approach, shifting from being lenders of other governments’ money to becoming catalysts for private investment. 
  • The growing political risk: The rise of protectionism, rapidly changing political orders and growing isolationism is creating unprecedented political risk in markets once deemed safe. We look at the changing risk profile and offer our perspective on these major issues.

We also recognize that ideas often require concrete examples. So, for this edition of Insight magazine, we identify projects from past Infrastructure 100 reports that illustrate some of the big themes carried through this edition of our magazine.

Explore these themes by downloading the full report above, and reading the articles contributed by our Canadian partners, Stephen Beatty and Stephen Prendiville, below.

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