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Asset Management Newsletters

Asset Management Newsletters

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Archived Asset Management Newsletters
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January 2019
Integrate ESG into asset management, The best and worst of times, Canadian asset management industry opportunities & risks report and more.
November 2018
Canadian asset management industry opportunities & risks report, Refocus on the customer, Prepare for the blockchain revolution and more.
July/August 2018
Refocus on the customer, Evolving Asset Management Regulation 2018 - a parting of the ways?, Next Revolution and more.
Canadian asset management opportunities & risks survey, Taxation of Virtual Currencies, Inside the minds of investors and more.
April 2018
Blockchain KYC utility, Regulation 2030: What lies ahead?, GDPR: privacy as a way of life and more.
March 2018
Realizing the return on gender diversity, The evolving cyber threat for asset managers and more.
Alternative Investments 3.0: Digitize or jeopardize, The Pulse of Fintech – Q4 2017, Preparing to disrupt and grow: Optimistic asset managers see challenges on the path to success and more.
Evolving rules create opportunities for fund managers and investors, Customer experience is the next battleground for asset manager success and more.
KPMG's Canadian asset management opportunities and risks report, Forging the future: How financial institutions are embracing fintech to evolve and grow, and more.
September 2017
KPMG’s Asset Management Tax Handbook 2017, Creating a world-class central bank, and more.
2017 Canadian CEO Outlook, Evolving Investment Management Regulation, Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, Opportunities for Alpha & more.

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