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Threat Analytics Assessment

Threat Analytics Assessment

Gain confidence and effectiveness in security data, intelligence and analysis through High Definition Threat Analytics.


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Threat Analytics Assessment

Continuous threat monitoring is integral to your security foundation, but it can also generate a lot of noise and become overwhelming to identify the needle in the haystack of security events and information.

Many organizations ask themselves:

  • Are we receiving the right security data and intelligence?
  • Can we prioritize what really needs attention?
  • Have we found ways to automate and optimize?
  • Are we effectively using existing data to drive our security decisions?

Integrating threat intelligence into your existing program through analytics and proactive threat hunting will increase your ability to isolate and respond to the threats that matter.

KPMG’s Threat Analytics Assessment reviews your level of security monitoring, intelligence and analysis maturity to ensure you are collecting the right security data and enriching it with the right intelligence to get a wider scope and a sharper image of threats.

Our assessment is executed in three steps:

  1. Identify your intelligence requirements
  2. Assess the coverage and accuracy of your security data and intelligence
  3. Assess your analytical ability to identify threats through hunting and analytics

Threats adapt and evolve – so too must security. A mature threat analytics program ensures you have the information you need when you need it the most. Our assessment deliverables will help improve threat detection and response times, limiting impact to your organization.

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