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Cyber Response

Cyber Response

KPMG’s Cyber Team assists you through effective incident response, forensics and recovery, to cyber resiliency.


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Cyber Response

Cyber incidents affect more than just technology and require a holistic response encompassing people and processes to limit impact. When the inevitable happens, are you confident that you can effectively respond?


Gaining the advantage to effectively manage cyber incidents requires thorough preparation well before an event is detected. With Cyber Incident Response, we gain a better understanding of your organization, culture and response processes, which aims to ensure the seamless integration and execution of response activities in managing an incident.


Our incident response leverages an industry recognized six-stage methodology, developed in line with NIST and SANS best practices. As an added benefit, incident response engagements can feed into forensic investigations and cyber security enhancement to help your organization prevent the reoccurrence of a future incident.


KPMG’s Cyber Team consists of industry specialists who are highlight experienced in multi-industry and multi-jurisdictional incident response, helping to ensure an appropriate targeted strategy tailored to the capabilities of attackers and the risks to a business.


Cyber Emergency? Contact our 24/7 Cyber response hotline:

1-844-KPMG-911  / 1 (844) 576-4911

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