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Audit Point of View article series

Audit Point of View

To help you further strengthen corporate governance, enhance AC oversight and add greater value within your organization


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Audit Point of View article series

Today’s audit committee members and directors face a wide range of challenges and evolving industry trends. Keeping up with critical issues as they emerge can be difficult. To this end, we offer a comprehensive list of articles to provide you with the information you need to be successful and remain competitive in the marketplace. Articles are categorized into the following subjects:

  • Audit Quality
  • EU Audit Reform
  • Expanded Auditor Reporting
  • Cyber Security
  • Internal Controls
  • Legal Requirements
  • Risk
  • Strategy

Audit Quality

EU Audit Reform

Expanded Auditor Reporting

  • Realizing the value of expanded auditor reporting
    Audit committees should begin preparing now.

Cyber Security

  • The key to strong cyber security
    As global cybercrime continues to evolve on multiple fronts, cyber-targeted legislation is taking great strides to keep pace.
  • Preparing for new data breach reporting laws
    Data breach disclosure legislation is changing. Are you prepared?

Internal Controls

Legal Requirements

  • Executive Compensation Clawback Rules in Canada
    Controversial rule could affect executives working for US-listed Canadian companies
  • Raising the bar on responsibility
    The U.S. is becoming more aggressive in ensuring individuals do not avoid prosecution for corporate crime
  • Cross-border impacts—U.S. legal developments affecting Canada
    Overboarding may become a significant issue for Canadian directors



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