Realizing Value

Realizing Value

Creating value throughout the entire deal process.

Creating value throughout the entire deal process.

The pressure to achieve good returns is high and never more so than in today's economy. Therefore, PE houses should place a greater emphasis on creating value in their portfolio throughout the entire deal process.

If you plan to realize value through a total exit by selling a business, we can help determine whether the company has been groomed effectively for a disposal, and help find a buyer. We can challenge the projections at an early stage to determine if they are robust, and undertake due diligence, which is a vital tool for achieving a successful sale.

We can also help you determine whether a business in your portfolio can be broken up and sold piecemeal, where a whole business sale is not possible.

And, if a total exit is not a viable alternative, you can create value through other means.

For instance, re-financing a portfolio company may help shareholders realize some of their investment. With our assistance, you can build credible plans to support a re-financing case made to lenders, who may view a partial exit in a skeptical light before they receive their capital return. By providing an independent report on the projections underpinning the re-financing, we can help you manage the banks’ requirements as well.

Our PE professionals can also identify cost savings by undertaking a diagnostic of your portfolio of companies to determine where they are spending money. Working with us on a carefully considered and well-implemented cost-saving program can help add top- and bottom-line value to your business.

We are also aware that the tax aspects of realizing an investment’s value should not be underestimated. Fund investors, PE house executives, and company management could be based in numerous jurisdictions around the world. KPMG’s global reach means that you have access to our Tax professionals who have the experience to address your needs wherever you do business.

Take a deeper look. See how KPMG provides "Management Team Advice" on a range of Private Equity transactions.

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