Evaluating the opportunity

Evaluating the opportunity

Raising funds has become more challenging and can take significantly longer than in the past. Sophisticated investors are increasingly focused on value and will take into account a range of factors in evaluating an opportunity including:

  • The private equity house's track record
  • The credibility of the team
  • Industry experience and the ability to add value
  • The robustness of the house's systems, risk management, and governance procedures
  • The way tax structures match their individual complex needs
  • The clarity and substance of the key messages presented.

With PE houses chasing fewer potential investors with less available capital, it’s important that you clearly outline and present your overall investment performance and provide a thorough valuation of your investment opportunity.

Our multidisciplinary team can conduct an independent review and verification of your valuations, which can help strengthen and verify your position.

We are also well prepared to work with investors around the world, as we have access to a global network of PE service professionals. You should work with PE advisers who understand the tax implications, no matter where you do business. Access to a global team of Tax professionals can help you in determining the most effective tax structures for investors.

In these challenging times, our PE team can help you achieve your fundraising goals, and assist you as you move into the next stage in the PE lifecycle.

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