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Health & Life Sciences

Health & Life Sciences

Demographics, fiscal restraint, new technologies and consumer expectations are creating significant challenges and opportunities in the industry.

We provide a broad range of services to meet the unique needs of healthcare entities.

As the Health & Life Sciences industry continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, the need to think more broadly and support the overarching goal of creating health populations must remain paramount; The creation of a prosperous, future-state healthcare system in Canada should not stumble before the hurdles of funding reforms, fiscal pressures and patient centricity.

In the face of such a unique combination of pressures impacting the industry, healthcare and life sciences leaders require more than just guidance from a trusted adviser — they need a trusted and forward-thinking partner with the competency, capability and capacity to go beyond the bottom line.

With deep industry insight, experience and a global resource of subject matter experts for support, KPMG in Canada works with you to overcome contentious challenges and capitalize on decisive opportunities with nuanced solutions. We foster collaboration between all levels of the government, and help create partnerships between the public and private sectors in support of the innovation, value creation and development of intellectual capital required to build an integrated health ecosystem:

  • Care System Redesign: Working across regional health ecosystems to redesign patient pathways and shift the provision of care to more appropriate settings
  • Strategy, Transactions and Financing: Ensuring value is delivered through M&A, divestments, joint ventures, shared services and outsourcing arrangements
  • Operational Excellence: Helping organizations to adopt best practice operational models, processes and cost management capabilities in order to enhance both service quality and value for money
  • Digital Health: Helping to leverage enabling technologies and enhance performance through systems selection, implementation project management, controls assessments, business process improvement, and change management services
  • "Board Grip": Helping to ensure Boards have the right skills, capabilities and information to lead effectively, increase confidence in systems and processes, and improve data accuracy to streamline the costs of regulation and compliance.